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Please complete a $25 deposit so we an schedule you for an appointment date


Terms Of Service

1. Work Authorization
By submitting this form & deposit you are authorizing the work outlined to be performed on your property by Niagara Window Washing.
a. Completing payment is considered a digital version of your physical signature.
2. Payment Authorization
You agree that in the event that you are not able to make payment on the day of service by Cheque, Cash or E-transfer that Niagara Window Washing is authorized to process payment on the same credit card used to secure your appointment.
3. Refund Policy
You understand and agree that any and all refunds will be offered in the form of a service credit.
4. Minimum appointment value
Our minimum service rate is $119.99 per appointment.
For Standard Appointments
5. No-Show Policy
a. You agree that if we require you to be home and you are not physically present at the service address during the booking period provided our last minute cancellation policy(6c) applies.
6. Cancellation / Rebooking Policy
a. Cancellations made 72 business hours or more before the scheduled appointment date a $25 fee applies. The first rebooking is free. Subsequent rebookings are subject to a $25 fee.
b. Cancellations within 48 Hours of an appointment are subject to a 50% cancellation fee which will be billed to the card on file. The first rebooking is $50.
Subsequent rebookings are subject to 50% of the cost of the ordered appointment.
c. Last Minute Cancellations
On site or cancellations within 24 business hours of an appointment are subject to a 100% cancellation fee which will be billed to the card on file. Re-bookings will be subject to a minimum appointment value fee (4).
For ‘I Don’t Want To Be Home’ Bookings
7. For appointments where the homeowner chooses not to be home:
a. An Exterior water tap must be turned on and accessible or our no show policy(5) applies
(For Window Cleaning, House Wash, Pressure Wash type appointments)
b. Gates must be left unlocked to allow access to all areas of the home.
i. If access is not available our crew will clean to the best of their ability and a full service charge will apply
ii. Our free flow/streak free guarantee is not applicable to areas unavailable to our team during the original service date.
c. For Exterior Window Cleaning The homeowner is required to remove any exterior screens prior to appointment date
i. Screened covered exterior windows will not be cleaned, but included in the billed window pane count
ii. Screened windows are not covered by our streak free policy
iii. Our minimum appointment fee will apply to return to clean the screen covered windows.

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We stand behind our work and offer several options to ensure you are happy with the result.

Streak Free Guarantee

Streak free windows when we leave.
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We’ll credit the $ on next service.


We arrive with professional grade equipment for all work .

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Sometimes experience matters, we’ve seen what works…and what doesn’t.